Top 9 Myths About Migraines

As if it were in the same league as King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, or the Loch Ness Monster of Scotland, and Thor the God of Thunder, there are so many myths surrounding the painful condition called Migraine.

Whether it’s triggered by drinking coffee or that it is inherited from one’s parents, people make numerous claims about the root causes of this malady. Some of these claims are funny and outrageous, only confuse the rest, and do little to help those who actually suffer from migraines

Some who have found relief by working with a migraine chiropractor in Farmington not only received good upper cervical spine adjustments, they also learned valuable information about the truth of migraine attacks.

So, what are these un-truths that people should know and unlearn?

1. Coffee triggers migraines 

Drinking more than two cups of coffee a day is certainly excessive for most people. Too much caffeine in the bloodstream could cause palpitations, feelings of anxiety, and sleeplessness. This beverage is a stimulant, so it must only be taken in limited amounts.

Yet what most people do not realize is that many medicines for headaches actually contain caffeine.  So certainly, there is no truth to the claim that drinking coffee triggers a migraine. Even the American Migraine Foundation states that people who suffer from this painful condition can drink coffee in moderate amounts. However, those who frequently experience headaches would ideally feel better if they do not consume highly caffeinated beverages.

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2. Your parents “gave” it to you

“It’s hereditary. You got it from your parents.”  Some people would say that when they learn you have this highly unfortunate case of head pain.  The simple truth is that it’s only a myth. Scientifically, one will be predisposed to having migraine if one or both parents also have it. But there is no research or solid findings that lead to the conclusion that it is genetic.

For example, records of a migraine chiropractor in Farmington would show that people that come in for upper cervical spine adjustments do not cite genetics as the root cause of their pain. In fact, many of them attribute it to an accident-related trauma, poor posture, and other factors that are not related to any parent-to-child connection.

3. Popping a few pills will cure it

While there are some prescription pills and over-the-counter medicines available, most of them are prescribed for headaches. Most of these medicines have minimal effect on migraines. In some cases, taking chemical-based medicines might even make the pain worse if the dosage is wrong.

4. It’s your diet

Food sensitivity is one thing, but getting relief for migraine is another matter. Some kinds of food or even beverages can cause headaches and other types of pain. For example, excessive intake of alcoholic drinks can lead to dehydration. The next day, you may feel a splitting headache, which is often called a “hangover.”  

Some food types such as shellfish may cause allergies on the skin and could even trigger a headache. Surely, food poisoning will cause head pain and vomiting, loose bowel movement, and fatigue. Simply attributing the onset of migraines on food is too simplistic and does not have a strong scientific basis. 

Of course, on the upside, one should always strive to have a good diet composed of fresh fruits, vegetables, and moderate amounts of fat and meat products, if one is not a vegan or vegetarian. Occasional consumption of sweets or desserts is perfectly okay. Indeed, eating good quality, nutritious food is necessary for optimal health. Making diet a culprit for migraine, however, is a myth.

5. Never mind your neck pain

Any migraine chiropractor in Farmington would confidently say that neck pain is almost always connected to head pain. Their study of human anatomy knows that the entire body is interconnected through bones, ligaments, nerves, tissue, and other external and internal parts that make up a human being.

Based on their experience, they are certain that trauma or misalignment in the upper cervical spine area and other parts of the neck could cause head and neck pain. Worse, this “structural anomaly” could also trigger so-called referred pain in other parts of the body. So, make sure not to dismiss neck pain, especially when a headache or head pain is also involved.

6.  Supplements will stop the pain

The nutritional supplement industry is a multi-billion global enterprise. While some supplements do stand up to scrutiny and have beneficial effects on people, not all are efficacious. Simply put, not all supplements are good for people. Most certainly, one cannot just ingest them and expect instant relief from severe head pain. 

Make sure to do thorough research on these kinds of products and check scientific records or medical journals that show peer reviews or laboratory-based evaluations of these supplements. 

7.  Trauma is unrelated

There should be no debate regarding the impact of trauma on the human brain and body. Many people who have survived car accidents, falls, and other types of incidents that resulted in physical injuries claim that they now suffer from migraines.  

Many of these traumatic incidents have led to injuries on the outside of the body but also to internal structures of the body, such as the bones, nerves, and ligaments. These injuries produce discomfort, most likely due to misalignment of the spine. For example, many documented neck injuries also resulted in frequent, intense headaches.

8.  There’s no natural relief for migraines

Those who are used to just taking medicines seem to believe that there is no safe, natural relief for their intense head pain.  A quick check and procedure done by a natural health care provider would most likely change their mind. When the body, especially the atlas and axis, are in proper alignment, any individual would experience a sense of renewed well-being, health, and vibrancy. 

The body is a highly complicated piece of engineering. Each and every part needs to work according to its design and where it is supposed to be.  Such is the nature of the human spine, and most especially the bones that form the upper cervical region. With upper cervical spine care, natural relief is truly possible even for those who have the most intense of headaches.

9.  It’s just a bad headache

Perhaps the most pernicious myth is when people believe that “it’s just a headache”. While migraine could start as a headache, it does increase in intensity over time.  It is simply not a headache in terms of its root causes and accompanying symptoms.

A typical headache could be due to dehydration, in the case of a hangover. This can be dealt with by drinking lots of water and getting enough rest and sleep. 

Indeed, myth-busting is still needed even when so much information is available, especially on the internet. Knowing what migraine is really about and how it can be dealt with will make it much easier to choose the right options to get pain relief. 

To know more about safe, all-natural pain migraine relief, visit Premiere Family Wellness and Spinal Care today or go to for more information about upper cervical chiropractic. Our migraine chiropractor in Farmington would make sure to ask about your background, lifestyle, as well as do a visual check of your head, neck, and nearby areas of the body to look for possible misalignments that can be the root cause of your migraines. Afterward, we will apply the right technique or adjustments to restore good posture, angle, or structure in the body, particularly in the upper cervical region.

By knowing the science of natural pain relief and distinguishing fact from fiction, those who suffer from migraines will get the help they truly need.

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