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Upper Cervical Chiropractic Success Stories

You will be amazed by your own capacity to heal, recover and achieve a new “normal” level of health. Many people come to us for help with their pain or dysfunction, yet discover that many other areas of their health improve as well. While there are more than 65,000 Chiropractors in the world, less than .03% has the specialized training and education to provide the Upper Cervical Care you will experience at Premier Family Wellness & Spinal Care.

Have a success story you’d like to share? We’d love to hear it!

Back Injury While Golfing – Allen Watts

I sustained a back injury last year during a round of golf. Initial diagnosis through my family physician cost me time, money and patience. Weeks of physical therapy didn’t help. My frustration increased when I was first told I might need surgery, went to a specialist who scoffed at that suggestion and referred me to another. On a whim I tried went and saw Dr. Perkins. Since my insurance doesn’t cover any chiropractic, I was skeptical that it was within my budget. My first visit was free and Dr. Perkins gave me an understandable explanation of my problem and a detailed description of their treatment process. I was delighted to know that they also provided a payment option that was easily affordable. I started twice weekly treatments and amazingly began to improve. I resumed playing golf within a month, and finished the season pain free. I would never have guessed that by manipulating my upper spine the tension would release in my lower back. Dr. Perkins remained confident and perfectly predicted my improvement. Thank you Dr. Perkins, and in the spirit of this election year, you have my vote!

Excruciating Sciatic Pain – Pennie Rainer

I woke up one Monday morning in excruciating sciatic pain, out of the blue. I called Dr. Perkins on my sister’s recommendation and he saw me immediately. When I got to his office I was literally in tears and couldn’t even walk. My path to healing took place starting that very day in his office, when I walked out upright. A series of sessions over several months left me completely healed and pain-free. I honestly thank God for Dr. Perkins and refer him every chance I get. No run around…no waiting room…and his treatment did just what he said it would–help my body heal holistically so I wouldn’t have the pain anymore. He is a compassionate, very knowledgeable professional and I can’t thank him enough.

Debilitating Migraines for 27 yrs – Stephen Oleszkowicz

After 27 years of debilitating migraine headaches, and just as much time exploring every possible curative option, I was introduced to Upper Cervical. Dr. Perkins was open, honest, and up front with his assessment. And in less than six months helped me heal! It has been two years since the end of my treatment and I am still doing great! Thank You!

Motorcycle Accident – Rayford Thomas

I had a motorcycle accident a few years back, which left me some neck pain. My wife suggested that I see Dr. Perkins. After receiving several treatments the pain in my neck went away and I was able to get a comfortable nights sleep again. I do make occasional maintenance visits to make sure I don’t have any problems. I would highly recommend him to anyone who may have any back or neck pain.

Years of Migraines – Bobbi Ann Carroll

Dr. Perkins really saved me from years and years of migraines. I followed his wellness recommendations and have fewer migraines and better health, now, more than ever. I continue to go monthly for maintenance and look forward to every visit. Friendly staff and clean and organized office are icing on the cake. I would recommend Dr. Perkins to anyone looking to be proactive on improved health or even reactive with an illness or pain. He has the care and passion for your individual needs!

Residual Effects from Concussion  – Jeanette Wicks

We took my daughter to see Dr Perkins after she had been suffering for 3 months with the residual effects of a concussion. Her head, neck and shoulder were aching and she had short term memory problems. After a course of treatment with Dr Perkins she made a full recovery. Dr Perkins is very personable. All our family love him. He explains everything in detail for us and has lots of patience when answering all our questions. Highly recommend him.

“Never had any doubts!” – Connie

For years Connie had struggled with knee and back pain.  She had difficulty sitting down and standing up, without using her hands and arms to help support herself.  Connie had been taking Motrin to help ease her pain, but was looking for a more natural way to receive the results she was searching for.  Connie spent 3 years at a chiropractic office and received adjustments in her neck, back, and hips.  However, she still wasn’t seeing the results she was looking for.  The relief she got from these adjustments seemed only temporary as Connie found she was continually going back with more symptoms and for more adjustments.


Then one day Connie was talking with a co-worker who was telling her all about Dr. Perkins.  That was all it took for Connie to come into the office and she had no doubts that chiropractic could help her.  Connie realized instantly how different the office was from her old chiropractor’s office.  The friendly and professional personality of Dr. Perkins really helped relax Connie, and she felt very welcome.  After only 3 weeks, she could sit cross legged on the floor with hardly any knee pain!


Connie and her son are now established patients of Dr. Perkins, and Connie has spread her great results with all of her co-workers! She states that she can’t go without seeing Dr. Perkins.  Connie also recommends everyone takes the time to start a program of care with an Upper Cervical chiropractor, because it can change your life and is definitely worth it in the long run!

“Amazing, Carefree, Gliding…” – Dana

Dana came to us with a sore back, shoulders, sides, and a stiff neck. She was also having trouble working out due to increased foot pains. She had to continuously pop her back and neck areas to ease the stiffness and pain. Her legs also felt uneven to her. Dana was in pain 16 days out of 24 and every time she tried to work, the pain became unbearable.


Dana had been to her general family doctor who told her to lose weight and exercise. After stopping at a spinal screening at a local retailer Dana decided to give Dr. Perkins a try. She describes her first adjustment as something she will never forget, “almost like my child’s birthday.” The first adjustment left her feeling like she was floating on air inside her body. Some words Dana used to describe her experience were: amazing, carefree, gliding, and a miracle. She was feeling all of this on her way to work on a sunny Saturday!


Dana says that she enjoys our office because of its quiet & calm atmosphere as well as the professional and sweet staff. She states she was unsure at first but soon realized that Dr. Perkins knew his stuff, and had full confidence in him. Dana has since referred her mom and husband and plans on bringing her son in very soon.

“Till Death Do Us Part!” – Jenutia

Jenutia had suffered from blurred vision, osteoarthritis, nausea, dizziness, and extreme pain in her lower joints.  Jenutia’s osteoarthritis had been affecting her since 1996, and her blurred vision and pain in her eye sockets would last 4 days or longer.  Jenutia had also had 2 knee replacements, almost 5 years of physical therapy, and taken a myriad of pain medication to try to quell her ongoing suffering.  


But then Jenutia started hearing about the great experiences her friend’s were having from Dr. Perkins.  While Jenutia had never been to a chiropractor before, and did have some doubts they could help her, she still decided to give Dr. Perkins a try.


In less than a month, Jenutia started walking without her cane. On October 8, 2010 Jenutia had been experiencing pain in the back of her eyes and blurred vision for 4 days.  But after one adjustment on that office visit, and resting for 20 minutes, her pain was completely gone and her vision was nice and clear! Jenutia had such great results, she told everyone about it! Her daughter, granddaughter, and goddaughter are now practice members and everyone is improving in their mobility and movements!


Jenutia states that everyone should try chiropractic care, before you get stuck in a regimen of doctors and medication.  She has told too many people to count about the benefits she has received from Perkins Family Wellness.  Jenutia states that she will continue with her program of care until her days are over! “Till death do us part!”

“I couldn’t sleep” – Judith

Judith suffered from electric like pain that would shoot up her legs at night, and a horrible pinching pain in her fingers day and night.  Judith’s pain was so unbearable that it was keeping her up at night.  Judith had been suffering from pain and discomfort for a long time, as she had previously had a lumbar fusion in her back.  She had been to other chiropractors for this issue before, but had not received the results she was looking for.


Then Judith met Dr. Perkins at a health fair and her life was changed! She was impressed with Dr. Perkin’s knowledge and genuine concern for her condition, and she loved the friendly and caring staff.  After two weeks of treatment, Judith’s electric pain has stopped and she can now sleep through the night! She is so grateful to Dr. Perkins for helping her, that she tells everyone to go check out his office! Judith regularly helps spread the word about how Upper Cervical chiropractic can help with innumerable problems!

“The Blair Technique Works!” – Kelly

Kelly was suffering from severe pain in her right shoulder, which was affecting her daily activities, such as sleeping and picking up her 3 year old.  She had been to a traditional chiropractor several times before, as well as a massage therapist and acupuncturist.  But it was her massage therapist that referred her to Dr. Perkins.  Kelly was hopeful to try a new chiropractic technique.  


Kelly had a great first impression of Dr. Perkins.  She appreciated the way he was genuinely concerned about her health problem, and took the time to answer all of her questions.  Kelly saw results almost immediately and was pain free about half of the way through her care.  


Kelly has since referred her two daughters.  The eldest daughter has been treated for her nighttime bed-wetting and no longer has to wear a pull up to bed!  The youngest daughter was treated for her speech delay, and is now able to articulate words that she previously couldn’t.  Kelly is a big supporter of chiropractic care, but specifically the Blair Technique! She is so happy with the results she and her family have received that she recommends everyone gets evaluated by Dr. Perkins and proceeds with the necessary treatment.

“Thank you Dr. Perkins!!” – Linda

Linda had been living with a broken C2 for ten years, due to a bad auto accident in 2000.  She suffered from migraines, dizziness, stiffness in her neck and shoulders, vomiting, vertigo, and memory loss.  The daily pain that Linda was living with was so severe it was impacting her life.  She had been to many specialists, taken many different pain medications, been to physical therapy and a head and neck pain clinic, had tried rehab and full spine chiropractors, but nothing was relieving Linda’s pain.  


Then one day, Linda’s husband told her about a chiropractor he’d heard about, and that he used a different approach then the other chiropractors she’d been to in the past.  Linda had no faith or hope that a chiropractor would be able to help her, since none were able to in the past.  But Linda and her husband decided to give Dr. Perkins a try.  Linda was impressed with how personable Dr. Perkins was and how knowledgeable, patient, and gentle he was.  Dr. Perkins was NOT bending or yanking on Linda, and she really appreciated that.  


After continuing her care with Dr. Perkins, Linda’s migraines have stopped altogether! Her dizziness is gone as well.  Linda is almost as good as she was before her auto accident, ten years ago!  Linda states, “Dr. Perkins has given me my life back – THANK YOU DOCTOR!!” She recommends everyone go see Dr. Perkins – he will fix you up! Linda states, “There is no reason to suffer, even if you have to drive a while to get to his office, GET THERE! He isn’t a chiropractor, he’s so much more!”

“Consult with an Upper Cervical Chiropractor” – Tamara

Tamara was suffering from Migraines as well as neck and low back pain.  Her headaches were often debilitating, and Tamara knew she needed to seek help.  She had been taking medication, seen a traditional chiropractor and an acupuncturist, but wasn’t seeing the results she wanted and needed.  


But when Tamara came into see Dr. Perkins, she thought the theory and techniques behind upper cervical chiropractic made a lot of sense, and Dr. Perkins only reinforced that perspective.  The idea of letting the body heal itself, by using the Blair Technique, really appealed to Tamara.  Her headaches and back pain have considerably diminished within two months! Tamara definitely recommends consulting with an Upper Cervical chiropractor to see if treatment might be beneficial for your condition!