Tic Douloureux: What It Is and How You Can Cope Better

Tic Douloureux, relieve trigeminal neuralgia in Farmington

Tic douloureux is a common condition that causes facial pain and other agonizing symptoms. Some doctors call it trigeminal neuralgia because of the affected nerve (trigeminal nerve). When compressed, the trigeminal nerve can't innervate the facial muscles and other nearby tissues properly. Additionally, it can transmit excessive pain signals to the brain, causing significant discomfort when you touch or move your face. Thankfully, there are many ways you can potentially relieve trigeminal neuralgia in Farmington. 

Learn more about all of your possible options in our discussion below. But, before that, let's help you get acquainted with tic douloureux, a debilitating condition affecting up to 15,000 Americans each year.


Tic Douloureux 101

As previously mentioned, tic douloureux is a chronic pain disorder that affects the trigeminal nerve - the one responsible for sensory information transmission from your face to your brain. As a result, it can cause sudden, sharp pain in one or more areas of your face. 

Researchers claim that it might develop from a compressed trigeminal nerve. The compression eventually leads to myelin sheath damage, causing the affected nerve to fire pain signals rapidly. Consequently, this triggers hypersensitivity to pain and pressure in the face, neck and other nearby areas.


Do I Have Tic Doulereux?

Suppose you are experiencing a severe, recurring facial pain, unlike anything you've experienced before in the mid-third region of your face. In that case, it may be tic douloureux or trigeminal neuralgia. That is because this specific part of the face receives signals from the maxillary branch of your trigeminal nerve. The following is a list of symptoms associated with this condition:

  • Severe and constant facial pain that manifests after touching the face or chewing
  • Frequent episodes of sudden, intense pain in one area of the face
  • Pain that does not spread beyond the jaw or cheek
  • Pain localizes to one side of the face; usually on both sides at different time 

It's essential to see your doctor to determine if you genuinely have trigeminal neuralgia. You may need to undergo a few diagnostic tests, including:

  • Physical assessment of the face
  • Specialized x-ray scans
  • CT or MRI scans of the head

If these tests come back positive, your physician will help you relieve trigeminal neuralgia in Farmington with the help of medications or referrals to other professionals like an upper cervical chiropractic doctor.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and trigeminal neuralgia, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

Most Effective Ways To Relieve Trigeminal Neuralgia In Farmington

There are several ways to manage your pain, including medication, surgery, and alternative therapies. Here's how they work:


Pain medications can be both over-the-counter and prescription-strength. Your doctor may prescribe more than one type of medication to help relieve your symptoms. However, you must take them according to the recommended dosage to avoid problems and ensure efficient delivery of the active ingredients. 


Surgery is another option for treating trigeminal neuralgia. Surgery aims to reduce or eliminate symptoms by removing tissues that may be causing your trigeminal nerve to malfunction. Surgeries for this condition may require general or local anesthesia, depending on the severity of the condition. 


Acupuncture is a care method that involves the placement of thin needles into specific parts of the body at precise points known as acupressure points. According to studies, it helps stimulate energy flow and block pain signals from reaching the brain. It might also come in handy in alleviating symptoms such as facial numbness and tingling in some people with trigeminal neuralgia.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy focuses on modifying specific movements that trigger facial nerve stimulation through physical exercises designed to strengthen surrounding muscles while decreasing tension on those muscles already affected by tic douloureux.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

Upper cervical chiropractic is a promising way to relieve trigeminal neuralgia in Farmington. That is because many people have experienced significant improvements in their condition. It has also helped countless individuals cope better with the recurring pain that this condition brings. The gentle adjustments from an upper cervical doctor restore nerve function by reducing compression on the trigeminal nerve. 

Notably, the trigeminal nerve might get compressed when the C1 and C2 bones shift from their original position. The bones prevent the nerve from healing and functioning correctly, causing the overstimulation of the trigeminal nerve. 

The best way to determine if you're a candidate for upper cervical chiropractic care is to schedule a consultation. Upper cervical physicians like Dr. Perkins must thoroughly assess the neck bones and overall spinal alignment to determine if you need chiropractic adjustments.


Consult with Dr. Christopher Perkins Today!

Remembering that trigeminal neuralgia is a severe condition is one of the many things that can help relieve your pain. From there, you can start seeking effective remedies to help you unlock healing and recovery. Hopefully, we have provided you with enough information on tic douloureux and how it affects the body. 

If you are in Farmington and have been diagnosed with tic douloureux, you might want to explore upper cervical chiropractic. After all, Dr. Christopher Perkins of Premier Family Wellness and Spinal Care is no stranger to helping patients relieve trigeminal neuralgia in Farmington. 

Gentle and well-calculated adjustments of the topmost neck bones may be all that is necessary to alleviate your pain and improve your overall wellbeing. Kindly reach us via (248) 478-6203 or our online form, so we can book your appointment and determine if you make a good candidate for atlas bone adjustments. We are looking forward to helping you lead a life free from sudden bouts of facial pain!


To schedule a consultation with Dr. Perkins, call 248-780-8864 or just click the button below area.

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If you are outside of the local area you can find an Upper Cervical Doctor near you at www.uppercervicalawareness.com.

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