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A person dealing with vertigo may often feel as if the whole world is spinning. Vertigo either originates in the inner ear and is called peripheral vertigo or comes from a problem within the central nervous system. If the problem comes from the central nervous system, it is called central vertigo.

BPPV is the most common type of peripheral vertigo. Almost everyone has had an experience with this kind of spinning when they have stood up too quickly or moved their head too fast. Sometimes sitting up in bed first thing in the morning can bring on BPPV. If a person has a bout, it can cause him a fall and is called a drop attack.

BPPV is considered to be idiopathic meaning there is no direct cause that is understood. Vertigo can come on spontaneously and is sometimes due to an ear infection or a problem with the neck.

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What Can Alleviate Vertigo?

It has been noted by various researchers that spinning often comes about due to reduced blood flow to the brain. Why would this happen? Often it is caused by a misalignment in the C1 vertebra – the atlas bone at the top of the neck. A misalignment here can put the brainstem under pressure or stress and may also affect the vertebral arteries that play a vital role in facilitating blood flow to the brain.  

If such a misalignment is determined to be the cause of one’s spinning, there is no need to despair. Here at our Farmington, Michigan practice, we use specialized diagnostic imaging techniques to find the exact location of the misalignment.

Then, using a gentle technique, we encourage the bones to move back into place on their own without popping or forcing them into place. This is often all that is needed to see vertigo symptoms improve and potentially even go away completely.

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Meet Dr. Christopher Perkins

Dr. Perkins grew up in Novi, Michigan and attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. He received his Doctorate Magna Cum Laude with a focus on Upper Cervical Chiropractic care. Chris is well known in the community for his public speaking and holds a number of professional certifications. We are proud to say that Dr. Perkins and Perkins Family Wellness has been recognized by Hour Magazine as one of the Top Chiropractors in Metro Detroit  for 3 years in row.

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"After 30 plus years of almost daily headaches and increasing severe debilitating migraines, I am pain free. I had tried everything, including 3 different chiropractors, medical tests, food allergy tests, special prism glasses, massage, etc. Dr. Perkins was a life changer for sure. Thanks to Dr. Perkins, I now know what it is like to live without pain. For someone with my headache history, this is a miracle"... Kathy Hiatt
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