How Can I Stop A Migraine in Farmington MI Everyday?

how can I stop a migraine in Farmington MI everyday

Are you one of the 39 million Americans living with migraine? Do you wake up every morning with a throbbing headache, dreading what lies ahead? Are you constantly canceling plans and missing out on work or social events because of your condition? Are you tired of taking pain medication only to suffer from the same pain once it wears off? Do you often ask yourself how can I stop a migraine in Farmington MI everyday? Sadly, many of you suffer from migraines daily. 

The symptoms of migraines can range from mild to severe. This often includes intense pain in the head, nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, smell, and sound, and more. Some people report bouts of vertigo to add to their extreme discomfort. But it's not just the physical symptoms that make migraines so debilitating. It's the emotional toll they take on your life. 

Migraines can make you feel isolated, helpless, and frustrated, wondering if you'll ever find a way to live a normal life again. If you're tired of living in constant pain and despair, keep reading because there is hope. It's possible to experience relief.

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Upper Cervical Misalignment: The Not-So-Popular Trigger Of Migraine

While migraines can have a variety of causes, one potential source that is not top of mind is Upper Cervical misalignment. This occurs when the top two vertebrae at the top of the spine, known as the atlas and axis, become misaligned. This can cause a range of issues, including interference with the flow of blood and cerebrospinal fluid, nerve irritation, and muscle tension, all of which can contribute to the development of migraines.

Upper Cervical misalignment can be caused by various factors, including accidents, trauma to the head or neck, poor posture, and even repetitive stress to the area. Unfortunately, because Upper Cervical misalignment is not well known, it is often misdiagnosed or overlooked entirely. They also do not heal on their own, so if this is a source of your migraine unless corrected, your pain will continue. Upper Cervical Chiropractors can correct these postural imbalances using gentle and precise adjustment methods to relieve you from pain and discomfort.

how can I stop a migraine in Farmington MI everyday

Visit Premiere Family Wellness and Spinal Care

Our Upper Cervical Chiropractors are trained to identify and correct postural imbalances in the atlas and axis bones. By addressing this underlying issue, we can help alleviate or even eliminate migraines that stem from a posture issues that result from neck or head trauma.

Your lifestyle and diet can also play a role in your migraine. Still, if you have tried countless ways to ease your pain without success, it may be worth considering an evaluation by our Upper Cervical Chiropractor to check your spine alignment.

At Premiere Family Wellness and Spinal Care, we have helped many patients find relief from their migraines with the help of gentle Upper Cervical Chiropractic adjustments. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized care to each of our patients using advanced imaging scans, detailed physical assessments, and carefully planned atlas adjustments. 

Every patient's experience with migraines is unique, so you can expect a thorough evaluation, personalized adjustment plan, and ongoing support from our team to help you manage your symptoms. If you're still asking how can I stop a migraine in Farmington MI everyday, why don't you visit us and experience what Upper Cervical Care can do for you? You don't have to endure that discomfort anymore. Book an appointment with us today!


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Dr. Chris Perkins Chiropractor Farmington Hills Mi.

Meet Dr. Christopher Perkins

Dr. Perkins grew up in Novi, Michigan and attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. He received his Doctorate Magna Cum Laude with a focus on Upper Cervical Chiropractic care. Chris is well known in the community for his public speaking and holds a number of professional certifications. We are proud to say that Dr. Perkins and Perkins Family Wellness has been recognized by Hour Magazine as one of the Top Chiropractors in Metro Detroit  for 3 years in row.

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"After 30 plus years of almost daily headaches and increasing severe debilitating migraines, I am pain free. I had tried everything, including 3 different chiropractors, medical tests, food allergy tests, special prism glasses, massage, etc. Dr. Perkins was a life changer for sure. Thanks to Dr. Perkins, I now know what it is like to live without pain. For someone with my headache history, this is a miracle"... Kathy Hiatt
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