Trigeminal neuralgia is a nightmarish condition that can cause alarming nerve pain every time you move your facial muscles. It can also impact your psyche as you anxiously wait for the symptoms that get more painful when you brush your face or smile on someone you love. Thankfully, you don’t have to suffer in silence by seeking natural and holistic options for trigeminal neuralgia relief in Farmington. Let’s get to know the best trigeminal neuralgia remedies you can tap into below. 

1. Heat and cold 

Since time immemorial, people have used heat and cold therapy to cope with pain. In most cases, people use heat to release muscle tension and cold to reduce tissue inflammation. Just take note that If you want to use either of the two options for trigeminal neuralgia relief in Farmington, you should avoid applying directly on the skin. 

Also, we strongly suggest using the least amount of force when you place the compress on the painful area. This will help you minimize the pressure on your irritated trigeminal nerve. 

2. Peppermint

People used peppermint oil or extract to soothe the muscles and reduce body inflammation in ancient times. Today, it continues to be a popular option for pain relief, even among individuals with severe nerve pain. If you would like to use peppermint oil for your trigeminal neuralgia, we suggest combining it with a carrier oil to minimize skin irritation. 

Alternatively, you can use a diffuser to inhale the oil while practicing a few relaxation techniques designed to improve pain management

3. Ginger 

Ginger is a staple ingredient in households that love to make hearty soups like Vietnamese Pho. Interestingly, it’s also a go-to remedy for many patients diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia, thanks to its powerful ingredients like zingibain and salicylic acid. According to studies, salicylic acid decreases the production and release of prostaglandin, a hormone widely associated with the onset of painful symptoms. On the one hand, zingibain works wonders in relieving neuropathic pain

4. Vitamin B12

Cobalamin or vitamin B12 proves helpful in keeping nerve problems at bay. Essentially, it prevents myelin sheet demyelination – a condition that can cause severe nerve pain and damage. If you suspect cobalamin deficiency, we strongly suggest vitamin B12 supplements. You may also increase intake of food products with high amounts of cobalamin, such as:

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and trigeminal neuralgia, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

5. Avoid allergy-causing food products

When you have trigeminal neuralgia, it’s critical to avoid food products that cause a severe inflammatory response. Some examples of these include preserved products, deli meats, and aged cheeses. If you have additional food sensitivities that are unique to others, we suggest rounding up a list so you can avoid aggravating your body’s allergic reaction. 

6. Meditation 

You’re in for a world of pain when you develop trigeminal neuralgia. And unfortunately, sometimes, it can take time before you see improvements in your symptoms. This is why it’s vital to learn meditation techniques. By calming your mind and senses, you can manage how you approach pain and think of better ways to cope. Studies recommend meditating 12 minutes a day for at least 5 five days a week to see improvements in painful conditions such as trigeminal neuralgia.

7. Upper cervical care

Numerous case studies have proven that upper cervical care is an effective source of trigeminal neuralgia relief in Farmington. This is because trigeminal neuralgia develops from a compressed trigeminal nerve. If you have postural problems in your cervical spine, chances are your neck bones are the ones to blame for your nightmarish facial twitches. They may be pressing onto your trigeminal nerve roots and brainstem and causing overstimulation of the muscles. Thankfully, you can resolve the problem with a few sessions with an upper cervical doctor.


Other Tips to Managing Trigeminal Neuralgia Pain

Notably, besides seeking trigeminal neuralgia relief in Farmington, you might also find it helpful to make a few lifestyle changes. By doing so, you can avoid developing worse trigeminal neuralgia symptoms. You can start by being extra mindful when you move your facial muscles. Additionally, we suggest avoiding or limiting exposure to trigeminal neuralgia triggers, such as: 

The better you get at avoiding or lessening the activities that aggravate your symptoms, the more you can focus on finding a sustainable and lasting source of trigeminal neuralgia relief in Farmington.


Achieve Lasting Trigeminal Neuralgia Relief in Farmington 

It’s not easy to live with a crippling disorder like trigeminal neuralgia. But, that doesn't mean that it’s virtually impossible to recover from its symptoms and put an end to your pain. Feel free to try the techniques and remedies we shared above in finding lasting relief. 

If you’re keen on trying upper cervical care, you can head to our clinic Premier Family Wellness for your first appointment. This way, you can check for postural problems and receive ample chiropractic adjustments to cancel vertebral subluxation-related issues like nerve compression and pain oversensitivity. 

We would love to be a part of your healing and recovery journey. You may book your appointment with our chiropractor through our contact form or telephone number, (248) 478-6203. Start achieving natural and lasting trigeminal neuralgia relief in Farmington today.


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Understanding medical terms can get a bit tricky sometimes. That’s because some seem to refer to the same condition. One example of this would be trigeminal neuralgia and TMJ. Both conditions cause extreme facial pain that can worsen with movement. Unfortunately, many aren’t sure if they have TMJ disorder or trigeminal neuralgia. As a result, some people suffer from their painful disorder in silence.

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Trigeminal Neuralgia vs. TMJ Disorder: How To Know What You Have 

trigeminal neuralgia  relief infographic

For decades, people with trigeminal neuralgia used anticonvulsant medications. Today, people use various other drugs to help ease what is known as the “most excruciating pain known to man.”  Some extreme cases make people choose surgery as a last resort to pain relief.  Yet, today, the good news is that upper cervical chiropractic is another option that has helped many people find freedom from pain.

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6 Natural Tweaks to Relieve Painful Trigeminal Neuralgia

tweaks, Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal neuralgia (TN) is a rare but highly debilitating disorder. In the USA, up to 15,000 new cases get diagnosed each year. It’s far less common compared to similar disabling problems like multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia. However, it’s one of the leading reasons patients see a chiropractor for trigeminal neuralgia in Farmington. 

But what exactly is this ailment? What are the possible causes behind the onset of trigeminal neuralgia?

A Quick Review on Trigeminal Neuralgia 

Essentially, when you get diagnosed with TN, it means that you have a badly damaged trigeminal nerve. It’s hard to diagnose the condition sometimes because it appears like ordinary jaw pain or toothache. This happens because the trigeminal nerve supplies sensation to the facial muscles and the jaw. In most cases, the pain only occurs on the ride side of the face. Here are the notable signs that you have trigeminal neuralgia.  chiropractor for trigeminal neuralgia in Farmington:

Sometimes, the episode occurs several times each day, depending on the severity of the damage. You might also experience either the typical or atypical type of trigeminal neuralgia. To help you understand their differences, here are some quick facts:

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and trigeminal neuralgia, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

Typical TN (TN1)

Atypical TN (TN2)

Likely Causes of Trigeminal Neuralgia 

As we’ve discussed earlier, trigeminal neuralgia stems from trigeminal nerve damage. In most cases, this nerve damage problem arises when the neck bones press on the trigeminal nerve and the brainstem. Suppose you recently got into a terrible accident that resulted in overextension of the neck, such as whiplash injury. In that case, it may benefit you to seek the help of a chiropractor for trigeminal neuralgia in Farmington.

Besides spinal misalignment, other problems can cause brainstem and trigeminal nerve compression or irritation, such as:

Trigeminal Neuralgia Triggers

Besides the potential causes theorized by studies, you should also familiarize yourself with the commonly noted trigeminal neuralgia triggers. Some examples include:

By avoiding these triggers, you can significantly curb your flare-ups. Knowing these things also comes in extra handy once you start seeking the help of a chiropractor for trigeminal neuralgia in Farmington for your symptoms. 

How Can Upper Cervical Care Help TN Patients

As we have pointed out earlier, neck alignment can contribute to or trigger your trigeminal neuralgia problem. If you think you have a misaligned neck or if you suffered from an accident, you can consult with a chiropractor for trigeminal neuralgia in Farmington. 

Your neck supposedly protects the brainstem and supports your head. However, after an accident or overextension of the cervical bones, the neck’s structure can worsen, affecting its function. It can also press on the nerve bundles, disrupting the natural flow of information from the brain. 

Prolonged compression or irritation of the nerves, such as the trigeminal nerve, can also cause the protective layer to break down. When this happens and if you don’t act quickly, permanent nerve damage will surely follow.

Unknowingly, your simple and seemingly harmless neck misalignment can cause trigeminal neuralgia and other painful disorders. Until you get your neck alignment checked and restored, the problem can continue to bother you. It can also keep on progressing, causing long-term pain and irreversible damages. 

Our Chiropractor for Trigeminal Neuralgia in Farmington Can Help

Studies on trigeminal neuralgia continue to look for sustainable ways to address pain and promote faster healing. One of the leading management techniques that TN patients use is upper cervical chiropractic. It aims to resolve the cervical bone subluxation and stimulate the body to heal gradually. 

The procedure comprises a series of upper cervical chiropractic adjustments. Because each patient is different, a chiropractor for trigeminal neuralgia in Farmington must customize the adjustments provided. For that to happen, you will need to have your neck bones assessed through physical examination and a digital imaging test. 

As your neck alignment slowly goes back to normal, you can potentially see improvements in your trigeminal neuralgia symptoms. Regardless if you have the typical or atypical type, you might find upper cervical care helpful in coping with the pain. It can also help you prevent flare-ups or at least reduce their frequency and severity. 

The earlier you get yourself checked by an upper cervical care doctor, the better prognosis you can expect. That’s because you can still prevent adding further pressure to the trigeminal nerve and restore your brain's communication pathway to your body. 

Are you looking for a better way to manage your trigeminal neuralgia? We at Premier Family Wellness and Spinal Care can help. As a chiropractor for trigeminal neuralgia in Farmington, Dr. Christopher Perkins offers customized adjustments to restore your body’s vitality. His technique can manage your trigeminal neuralgia symptoms.

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