Exposing The Top 5 Myths About Back Pain

Every Farmington upper cervical chiropractor helps people deal with any conditions they have, including back pain. Back pain is a common complaint but sadly surrounded by a lot of misinformation from many sources out there. In this article, we will shed a light on the leading myths about backache. 

Back pain can originate from various sources. It can vary from a dull ache to severe and excruciating pain that may come from nowhere. Separating back pain facts from fiction will help you understand the situation better. Thus, you can have an informed decision to find the right care option for you.


Five Back Pain Misconceptions

Here’s a list of the most commonly misunderstood concepts about back pain. Every Farmington upper cervical chiropractor knows about these misconceptions and proceeds to help as many patients learn the truth.

1. The More Serious The Pain, The Worse The Damage

You may have heard people say, “The worse it hurts you, the more damage there is.” However, this is not always accurate. When people deal with chronic back pain, discomfort and pain can be unbearable. But when it comes to chronic pain, the pain caused can be much more severe than the actual damage present. 

Also, a new or short-lived bout of back pain or acute back pain can be quite different. Severe back pain is frequently due to a particular injury such as a fall or sporting accident. Thus, the back pain severity of this kind is almost the same as the damage inflicted. Thankfully, a Farmington upper cervical chiropractor is well-versed in giving pain relief to patients.

2. Toughing Out Back Pain Is The Way To Go

If you choose to learn how to accept your back pain, it certainly can interfere with your body’s natural ability to self-heal. Thus, prolonged periods of discomfort and back pain can start affecting damage to other body parts. It happens because of the compensations that the body will make to adjust for the pain. 

When you are tired or in constant pain while standing up, you will naturally change your position to favor a less painful stance.  Thus, you begin to favor one side of your body over another. As a result, this puts excessive pressure and stress on the joints on one side of the body. Therefore, chronic back pain can harm your sleeping habits. As a result, you sleep in awkward positions avoiding the pain, but you are causing more stress on the body in truth. Finally, it reduces your ability to heal even further, while more problems are happening in other parts of the body to compensate for the regular pain felt.

Get the pain resolved at the root cause by consulting with a Farmington upper cervical chiropractor to give you proper care.

3. Back Pain Will Not Happen Because I Am Active 

Physically active individuals are less prone to back pain compared to those who live inactive lifestyles. Proactive people are healthier, stronger, and more resilient to back pain as they have stronger back muscles and more robust spines.

However, active people are also likely to get involved in sports or physical activities that can potentially contribute or cause back pain. Here are some of those risky activities:

  • Gymnastics (high impact, prone to injury)
  • Golf (repetitive, one-sided swinging and twisting)
  • Equestrian (falling from horseback)
  • Winter snowsports (slipping, sliding, and falling incidents)

However, these sports and the risks involved should not be reasons to avoid being active. Having a strong core and back are two of the best things a person can have to be healthy and combat back pain. 

4. My Back Pain Will Inevitably Worsen With Age

Most people are worried that if they suffer from back pain in their 20s and 30s, it will automatically get worse as they get older. The truth is back pain is more common among younger individuals and those aged 30 to 50 years. That statement is only valid for back pain that is due to disc problems like disc herniation. Disc degeneration need not be a regular part of the normal aging process. 

Proper hydration, regular exercise, quitting smoking, and keeping a healthy weight are crucial things to make sure that your discs are kept in good health as you grow older. Healthy people are more energetic individuals.

5. Babying My Back Will Allow Me to Protect It and Avoid More Pain

When people suffer from back injuries, it is a normal reaction for them to rest and not feel up to the task of moving around and doing exercises. However, this has a risk attached to it. Many people with back pain are prone to staying inactive longer than needed to protect their backs from further harm. Unfortunately, inactivity can lead to further injury due to a deconditioning of the muscles that support the spine. 

For the spine to stay healthy and able to heal correctly, it needs normal movement, strengthening, and stretching exercises. In truth, babying your back to avoid pain is counterproductive. Also, you are not required to do vigorous activities to be effective. Choose any of the following low-impact options: walking, swimming, or yoga.


Your Back Pain Might Be a Neck Problem

The spine protects the spinal cord. Unfortunately, a problem in one area of the spine can cause pain in other places. Spinal problems frequently happen from the top portion downward, causing a domino effect. 

The first bone in the neck, the atlas vertebra, has the most excellent range of motion compared to any other part of your spine. As a result, it is also the most vulnerable to misaligning when specific conditions occur. Common causes for misalignment include:

  • Car accidents
  • Sports injuries 
  • Whiplash
  • Neck and head trauma or injury

When the atlas misaligns, the rest of the spine compensates. Thus, the spine twists and turns to adjust. Also, it keeps the head sitting in a neutral position on top of the neck. An atlas misalignment is frequently the root cause of pain that occurs in the low or mid-back.


Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Farmington, MI

Visit us here at Premier Family Wellness and Spinal Care. Our Farmington upper cervical chiropractor will check your spine if there exists any misalignments. If there is one, you might be surprised to learn that a safe, gentle, and precisely done atlas adjustment can bring long-lasting back pain relief. Find out if this is the right healthcare option for you.  

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